Sunday, July 4, 2010

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to lose weight? Really ready and willing to do what it takes? So many of us myself included say we want to lose weight and then we say things like I'll just do this or I dn't have to.Don't fool yourself losing weight is hard hard work. For me at least it's much easier to put on than take off. You have to be willing to change your eating habits. Most big people believe we don't eat any more than anyone else I fed myself this lie for years.Keep a food journal of everythig you eat along with the calories and you will be amazed! This also helps you notice trends and you'll see ways to cut back. Count calories Men should eat 2000 a day and women 1500 Sorry ladies! Drink lots of water!!! This is key and just as important understand this you will have to exercise to be truly successful. Don't dread it!! You will feel so much better you will love it (eventually) Any exercise is better than none, but don't dismiss going to the gym. If I pay money I am much more likey to do something than if it is free. Plus at the gym you can learn from others. I have never felt ridiculed or laughed at by the skinny people ever!! In fact a god many have been very very helpful. If you want to be thin really want to consider this Fat people don't go to the gym skinny people do.If you make exercise and going to the gym a regular 5 to 6 days a week routine I guarantee you will lose weight!! I guarantee you will look and feel better immediately and I guarantee your health will improve greatly!! The choice is yours stay seated and stay fat get up and get moving and get fit. No it won't happn overnight, but it will happen!! Don't be like me and hit a plateau and quit and give up for weeks on end and then mourn for the time you've lost.

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